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Payment Arrangements of the Assistance

  • The SFO will compute the fee remission for the applicants in accordance with the level of assistance assessed (50%, 75% and 100%) using the AFI formula.  If the actual tuition fee is higher than the fee remission ceilings, parents will have to pay for the remaining tuition fee. 
  • The amount of fee remission under KCFRS will be calculated according to annual school fee after deducting the government subsidies under the KG education scheme.
  • The effective month of fee remission will be the month in which the application forms are submitted by the applicants, or the month in which the student-applicants are admitted to the kindergarten/child care centres, whichever is the later.


The fee remission ceilings (and the maximum meal allowance) for 2022/23

  • The fee remission ceilings for various levels of the KCFRS and the maximum meal allowance (for whole-day kindergarten classes) will be available after the commencement of the 2022/23 school year on the SFO’s website.


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Last update: 3 Aug 2022
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