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How to access the property information (such as the age of the building, injunction order against sale of property or mortgage/charge)?

The Land Registry

Please refer to the following documents:

Items Frequently Enquired

 Relevant Land Document (If registered)
1.Completion date and the age of the building
  •  Occupation Permit
  • Letter of Compliance
2. Injunction orders against sale of property, if any
  • Court Order
    Please seek assistance from legal practitioners on interpretation of Court Orders
3. Illegal or unauthorised structures, if any
  • Buildings Orders
4. Mortgage / charge
  • Legal Charge
  • Equitable Mortgage
  • Mortgage
5. Discharge of mortgage / charge
  • Discharge of a Charge
  • Discharge of Mortgage
  • The discharge of a charge / mortgage will only be displayed in the “Full” land register; outstanding charge / mortgage will be displayed in both “current” and “full” land registers.
6. Particular terms and condition of relating to the building(e.g., interest and liability of property owner、use of common area, restriction on keeping pets, etc.)
  • Deed of Mutual Covenant
7. Restriction on building and property user
  • Deed of Mutual Covenant
  • Occupation Permit
8. Land use and area of a lot

Check Whole Lot

  • New Grant
  • Government Lease
  • Conditions
  • Block Government Lease

Check subsections of a Lot

  • Deed Poll, Division Of Property
9. Plan
(Assignment and the plan seldom include the information on saleable floor area and gross floor area)
  • First Assignment
  • If a plan is attached to the registered Assignment, the remark under memorial no. will shows the word "Assignment with plan"
10. Scavenging lane

To confirm if the scavenging lane included in the building/ lot

  • Site Plan
  • Deed Poll
  • Carving Out Plan

To confirm if the scavenging lane is managed by the building

  • Deed of Mutual Covenant
11. Arrears of management fee or government rent and rate
  • Memorandum of Charge
  • Before purchasing a new property, the buyer needs to check if there is any outstanding fee in arrears. Buyer can ask the owner to provide proof of recent payments for verification.
12. Indication of settlement of land premium for removal of the sale restriction for Small House cases or Home Ownership Scheme/ Private Sector Participation Scheme Flat case?
  • Small House
    Consent letters (relating to payment of premium) issued by the Lands Department can serve as an indication for payment of the land premium
  • Home Ownership scheme / Private Sector Participation Scheme Flat
    Housing Authority issues consent letters certifying the lifting of restriction on sale of properties upon the payment of land premium.
13. Is one of the Joint Tenants deceased?
  • Death Certificate
14. Is the Tenants-in-common / sole owner deceased?
Change in property ownership
  • Probate
  • Letters of Administration
15. Building Plan
  • Check if there is building plan registered in the land register
16. Floor Plan
  •  Check if there is any registered documents with plan. "Remark" under the registered document(s) will show the word "xxxxx with plan"

If you confirm that the document you need has been registered, you may proceed to next step to order the land document. Please click here.

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Last update: 4 Oct 2019
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