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Holders of valid library cards issued by the Hong Kong Public Libraries, identity cards allowed for library purposes, or library cards/borrower's cards issued by the two former Municipal Council Public Libraries may borrow and return library materials at any public libraries in urban areas and the New Territories.  Each registered reader may borrow a maximum of 10 items of library books/materials together with accompanying library materials.

If you find a book or material in the library catalogue, but fail to find it on the shelf, you may use the reservation service. Each registered reader can reserve a maximum of 10 materials and the fee is HK$ 3.3 for each item (or the prevailing valid reservation fee at the time of collection).  Procedures to apply for reservation of library books/materials are as follows:

Reservation procedures

  1. A reader can choose one of the following methods to reserve library books/materials and the pick-up location.  The reader should make sure that his/her registered postal/email address is correct before making reservation:
  • Use 24-Hour reservation service via Internet at (Please click here for instructions);
  • Use the official mobile app “My Library” of Hong Kong Public Libraries (Please click here for details); 
  • Use the Library Catalogue on Self-service Kiosk in the library. 

Please note that a confirmation statement will be shown on the screen if the hold request has been successfully placed; or 

  • Fill in the form LCS 112 in any library or mobile library.

Reservation cannot be made if:

  • a reader has already reserved 10 items; or
  • requested items are reference materials, audio-visual library materials or library materials not for loan; or
  • the outstanding charge of any item or the total outstanding charges in the account has/have reached the ceiling amount/exceeded the overdue time limit; or
  • There is an outstanding item in the account which has exceeded the overdue time limit; or
  • The account has been suspended due to any other reasons (e.g. the library card has been reported lost). Please contact library staff for details.

  1. For any successful reservations made, the library will arrange to deliver the book/materials to the designated pick-up location as soon as possible. The duration depends on factors such as number of book copies, book status, transportation schedule among libraries etc. So it is not possible to confirm the exact time required.  If a reader wishes to inquire about his reservation waiting position, he/she can browse his/her “patron information” online, check at the official mobile app “My Library” or provide his personal data to the pick-up library for enquiry.
  2. When the reserved item is available for collection at the pick-up location, the reader will be informed by post, or by email provided he/she has registered for the Email Notification Service in advance. Please click here for details. Readers may also select to receive “Pick-up Notification” through the Personalised Alert Services of the official mobile app “My Library” before making reservations.  Readers should ensure that their registered correspondence /email address is correct before making reservations.

  1. If you need to change your correspondence address, please submit a form to the library counter, informed by written notification or update the record via the Internet.  Regarding how to change the personal information, you may contact the library staff for details or refer to If you need to change your email address, please update by using the Borrow Record Enquiry page in the official homepage.
  1. The reader should pick up and borrow the reserved material in person with the library card/HKID card (for readers who have applied for using their smart ID cards for the library services only) at the pickup location before the date specified in the notification and pay the reservation fee. He/she may also check the status of the reserved material in the Library Catalogue on Self-service Kiosk or Internet. If the status of the reserved material is changed to “on reservation shelf” (indicating that the material is already kept in the pick-up location), he/she may go to the pick-up location to pick up and pay for the reserved material, without the need to wait for the notification.

Expiry date of reservation

Any reservation made will be valid for a default period of 270 days. Reader may change the expiry date to a date ranging from two weeks to two years from the date of change via Library Catalogue on Self-service Kiosk or the Internet. The reservation will be automatically cancelled if the material reserved is not yet available by the expiry date.


Reservation fee

Reservation fee of HK$3.3 will be charged for each book/material (or the prevailing valid reservation fee at the time of collection). The reservation fee has to be paid once the reservation status is changed to “Available for pickup” or "Transit Hold", no matter whether the reader has collected the reserved material or not. Readers may click here for details on the payment method of reservation fee.

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Last update: 9 May 2024
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