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If I want to alter the partition or the use of my flat / shop (such as changing the bathroom into a study), do I need to obtain approval from the Buildings Department?

Buildings Department

If the related works will affect the existing building structure, prior approval from the Buildings Department (BD) is required before the works is commenced. Since every proposed works is different to one another due to the difference in design and actual site situation, BD cannot confirm whether certain types of construction or dimensions are safe or legal.  Each case has to be considered separately on its own. 

If property owner is in doubt whether the proposed works require approval from BD, he/she can consult Authorised Persons (AP)  ( Please click here for the list). AP can make careful considerations based on the design of works together with the condition of the existing building structure and provide professional advice. If the proposed works requires prior approval from BD, property owner must appoint AP to prepare and submit related plans for the approval from BD. The related works should be commenced after the approval from BD is obtained.

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Last update: 2 Sep 2019
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