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What are the application procedures and the payment arrangement for the Guangdong Scheme / Fujian Scheme?

Social Welfare Department

Form and Guidance Notes


Documents Required

Applicant should return the completed application form with recent photos and photocopies of the following supporting documents:
  1. 2 recent photos of the applicant;
  2. Any documents confirming the applicant’s identity, age, residence in Hong Kong (e.g. Hong Kong Identity Card, Birth Certificate, etc.) and residential address in Guangdong (only applicable to Guangdong Scheme)/ Fujian (only applicable to Fujian Scheme) (e.g. rental receipts, utilities bills, etc.);
  3. Document of the applicant's Hong Kong bank account (e.g. first page of bank account passbook, bank statement, etc.) (must clearly show the name of the applicant and account number; only sole account is acceptable for payment of allowance, joint account is not applicable); and
  4. For the applicant who has already resided in Guangdong(GD) (applicable to GD Scheme)/Fujian(FJ) (applicable to FJ Scheme) and may not be able to travel to Hong Kong for the application due to health condition, documentary proof(s) issued by public hospital/clinic to prove his/her health condition.


Application Procedures

  • "iAM Smart+" account owner with signing function enabled can submit the online form directly; or

  • Return the completed application form together with the required documents to the Social Security Field Unit (Guangdong Scheme and Fujian Scheme) (Address: Unit 2110-2111, 21/F, Landmark North, 39 Lung Sum Avenue, Sheung Shui, Hong Kong) by post or in person.

Applicants must complete the application procedures in Hong Kong. Upon receipt of the application, SWD will make a prior appointment for an interviewwith the applicant at the Social Security Field Unit (Guangdong Scheme and Fujian Scheme) and complete the application procedures accordingly. 


Person Unable to Make Application by Himself/herself

If an applicant is medically certified to be unfit to make a statement rendering him/her unable to make an application by himself/herself, which is verified by SWD, an appointee will be appointed by the Director of Social Welfare to act on his/her behalf.  
The appointee is required to provide the reason(s) for the applicant’s having to settle GD (applicable to GD Scheme)/ FJ (applicable to FJ Scheme).
Please contact the Social Security Field Unit (Guangdong Scheme and Fujian Scheme) for details.


Notification of Result of Application, Payment Method and Permissible Limits of Absence from Guangdong / Fujian During Receipt of Payment

  • After completion of the investigation, a notification letter will be sent to the applicant.

  • The payment of allowance is calculated from the date of receipt of the application by SWD (or the date of application or referral if the application is referred by another organization) or the date o on which the applicant satisfies the eligibility criteria for the allowance, whichever is the later.

  • Allowance will be credited to the applicant’s/appointee’s designated bank account in HK (joint bank account is not accepted) once a month.

  • The applicant/appointee is responsible for making his/ her arrangements to collect the allowance from the account (e.g. he/she can make arrangements with the bank to remit the payments to him/her in GD/FJ).  Any expenses thus incurred have to be borne by the applicant/appointee.

  • During receipt of allowance, the recipient must continue to reside in GD (applicable to GD Scheme)/FJ (applicable to FJ Scheme). 

  • Where the recipient has resided in GD (applicable to GD Scheme)/ FJ (applicable to FJ Scheme) for not less than 60 days in a payment year, his/her temporary absences from the province concerned will not affect the payment of allowance on condition that the total number of days of absence from the province concerned in the year does not exceed 305 days (or 306 days in a leap year). 

  • If the recipient has resided in GD (applicable to GD Scheme)/FJ (applicable to FJ Scheme) for less than 60 days in a payment year, he/she is eligible to receive allowance only for the periods during which he/ she has resided in GD (applicable to GD Scheme)/ FJ ( applicable to FJ Scheme). 

  • For details, please refer to the “Pamphlet on Guangdong Scheme and Fujian Scheme” (Sep 2023 version) (PDF).


For other enquiries:

     Call the Guangdong Scheme and Fujian Scheme Enquiry Line at 3105 3266.

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