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If there is flooding or blocked drain, you may report the case to the 24-hour hotline 2300 1110 of the Drainage Services Department.  

You may also contact 1823 through the following channels to report the case:

  • Online Form
  • Mobile application《Tell me@1823》
  • Email to
  • Call 1823 or fax to 2760 1823

Please provide the following information to facilitate the case handling by the concerned department:

  1. Case location (For example: Street Name, Door number, Front door/rear lane, nearby lamp post number etc.)
  2. Case nature (Flooding or blocked drain) 
    • For flooding cases, please describe the approximate flooding level and the size of the flooding area
    • For case of blocked drain, please indicate if there is any sewage overflown
  3. Name and contact number of the complainant
  4. Best calling time for the department to provide a reply
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Last update: 26 Feb 2024
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