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In accordance with the Smoking (Public Health) Ordinance, apart from Police officers and Tobacco and Alcohol Control Inspectors of the Department of Health, designated officers of the Leisure and Cultural Services Department, Food and Environmental Hygiene Department and Housing Department are also authorised to issue fixed penalty notices to persons who smoke in statutory no smoking areas under their management.  Designated officers include:

Department which are authorized to issue fixed penalty notices

Public Officers

Hong Kong Police ForcePolice Officer
Department of HealthTobacco and Alcohol Control Inspector
Food and Environmental Hygiene DepartmentSenior Health Inspector (Market Management)
Senior Health Inspector (Hawkers and Markets)
Senior Health Inspector (Hawkers)
Health Inspector (Market Management)
Health Inspector (Hawkers and Markets)
Health Inspector (Hawker Casework)
Principal Hawker Control Officer (Hawker Control Team)
Chief Hawker Control Officer (Hawker Control Team)
Senior Hawker Control Officer (Hawker Control Team)
Hawker Control Officer (Hawker Control Team)
Assistant Hawker Control Officer (Hawker Control Team)
Overseer (Markets)
Foreman (Markets)
Market Assistant
Housing DepartmentHousing Manager
Assistant Housing Manager
Housing Officer
Leisure and Cultural Services DepartmentAmenities Officer I
Amenities Officer II
Senior Amenities Assistant
Amenities Assistant I
Amenities Assistant II
Amenities Assistant III
Chief Librarian
Senior Librarian
Assistant Librarian
Chief Manager, Cultural Services
Senior Manager, Cultural Services
Manager, Cultural Services
Assistant Manager, Cultural Services
Assistant Recreation and Sport Officer II
Chief Leisure Services Manager
Senior Leisure Services Manager
Leisure Services Manager
Assistant Leisure Services Manager I
Assistant Leisure Services Manager II

When performing enforcement duties, the above public officers may or may not wear uniform depending on the duties and operational needs of their posts.  However, all public officers shall carry departmental identity cards or departmental warrant cards when exercising their duties.  The identification document will have the name, rank and photo of the public officer for identification purposes.

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Last update: 31 Oct 2018
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