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Go to Integrated Registration Information System (IRIS). Use the "Enquire Order Status" function on the menu to enquire your order status.

After entering "Enquire Order Status" page, choose your enquiry option to decide whether you want to search by "Payment Transaction No." or "Order No.". Then, input the "Searcher Name" and "Payment Transaction No." / "Order No." as appropriate. Click "Enquire" to view the order status and corresponding details. Please note that the searcher name must be the same as the name shown on the acknowledgement page.

Types of Order Status:

  • New
    User has successfully made the payment.  System will deliver the ordered items to user according to the selected delivery methods.
  • In Progress (Applicable to fax order)
    System will try to deliver the ordered items to user by fax before closure of online services at 03:30 next day.  The order status will be “ In Progress” before system update.
  • Completed
    Order has been handled completely.  For fax orders, the status will be changed to “completed” if system successfully delivers the ordered items before closure of online services at 03:30 next day.
  • Collected
    User has collected the land record.  Only applicable for orders collected at counter.
  • Cancelled
    Order has been cancelled.  For example, system fails to deliver the ordered documents to user before closure of online services at 03:30 next day.
  • Refunded
    Payment for order has been fully refunded.
  • Adjusted 
    Payment for the order has been partially refunded.
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Last update: 28 Dec 2023
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