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Go to Integrated Registration Information System (IRIS). Use the "Enquire Search / Order Status" function on the menu to enquire your search / order status.

After entering "Enquire Search/ Order Status" page, choose your enquiry option to decide whether you want to search by "Payment Transaction No." or "Order No.". Then, input the "Searcher Name" and "Payment Transaction No." / "Order No." as appropriate. Click "Enquire" to view the search / order status and corresponding details. Please note that the searcher name must be the same as the name shown on the acknowledgement page.

Search / Order Status Type:

  • New
    User has successfully made the payment.  System will deliver the ordered items to user according to the selected delivery methods.
  • In Progress (Applicable to fax order)
    System will try to deliver the ordered items to user by fax before closure of online services at 03:30 next day.  The order status will be “ In Progress” before system update.
  • Completed
    Order has been handled completely.  For fax orders, the status will be changed to “completed” if system successfully delivers the ordered items before closure of online services at 03:30 next day.
  • Collected
    User has collected the land record.  Only applicable for orders collected at counter.
  • Cancelled
    Order has been cancelled.  For example, system fails to deliver the ordered documents to user before closure of online services at 03:30 next day.
  • Refunded
    Payment for order has been fully refunded.
  • Adjusted 
    Payment for the order has been partially refunded.
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Last update: 4 Sep 2019
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