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How to reserve ordinary vehicle registration numbers with prefix other than "HK"/"XX" for auction?

Transport Department

Application Procedures for reserving ordinary vehicle registration numbers with prefix other than "HK"/"XX" for auction

Before you apply to reserve a registration number, please check whether the mark is available to be reserved for auction using the "Online Services for Traditional Vehicle Registration Marks".


Application for Reservation of an Ordinary Vehicle Registration Mark with a Prefix other than 'HK' / 'XX' for Auction - TD 283 (PDF)


Supporting Documents

Please provide the following documents with your submission. Original is required for submission in person while copy is required for submission by agent or by post -

  1. Hong Kong Identity Card, or passport issued by a place/country other than Hong Kong; or
  2. Certificate of Incorporation in case of a limited company. Business Registration Certificate will not be accepted.

If submission is done online, the applicant is not required to submit the above documents at the time of submission. Upon successful bidding of the registration mark, the purchaser is required to produce the above documents for the registration and payment procedures.


Means of Submission
  1. In person to the Hong Kong Licensing Office. If handled by an agent, the agent should bring his/her identity document in original for record purposes;
  2. By post to the Hong Kong Licensing Office. Applicant is encouraged to use registered mail to avoid loss of documents.
  3. Use the "Online Services for Traditional Vehicle Registration Marks". Digital certificate is not required. More details about the system requirements and user guide are available on the webpage.



A deposit of $1,000 is required to reserve each vehicle registration mark. Note that:

  • If a reserved ordinary vehicle registration mark remains unsold after auction, it will be allocated to the applicant at a special fee of $1,000, and the deposit of $1,000 paid will be taken as payment of the special fee.
  • If applicant is not successful in bidding the reserved vehicle registration mark, the deposit of $1,000 paid will be refunded to the applicant in 8 weeks through the Treasury.


Payment Method
  1. For applications submitted in person to the Licensing Office, the Transport Department only accepts the following payment methods:
  • Cash;
  • FPS;
  • EPS;or
  • Crossed cheque payable to “The Government of the HKSAR”.
  1. For application by post, the payment of fee should be settled by crossed cheque.
  2. If application is made through the "Online Services for Traditional Vehicle Registration Marks", please pay by PPS online or credit card (Visa card, MasterCard, JCB or China UnionPay). Please check the webpage for details of online payment.


Points to Note

Within 12 months after the date of being allocated with the mark by auction, the purchaser has to apply to the Transport Department to assign the mark to a vehicle registered in his name. Otherwise this allocation of the mark may be cancelled by the Transport Department and the mark may be reallocated, without notifying the purchaser.

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Last update: 22 Mar 2021
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