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I frequently find people smoking in bus terminuses and public transport interchanges, have they violated the law? Can I lodge a complaint?

Tobacco and Alcohol Control Office, Department of Health

All bus terminuses / public transport interchanges which are defined as ‘indoor’ by the law belong to ‘statutory no smoking areas’.  For the gazetted list of public transport facilities where smoking is prohibited, please click here.

If you note that a bus terminus or public transport interchange is a statutory no smoking area but smoking offences persist in the location, you may consider making a complaint to the Tobacco and Alcohol Control Office (Tel: 2961 8823 / Fax: 2575 8944 / Email: ). Please note that smoking is an action that lasts for a short while and staff of the Tobacco and Alcohol Control Office cannot arrive at the concerned location immediately.  However, the Tobacco and Alcohol Control Office would follow up and take necessary law enforcement actions after receiving the complaint.

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Last update: 2 Sep 2019
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