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In accordance with the Smoking (Public Health) Ordinance, the following areas are designated as ‘Statutory No Smoking Areas’.  No person shall smoke or carry a lighted cigarette, cigar, or pipe in statutory no smoking areas, or else will be liable to a fixed penalty of $1,500.

Indoor Areas (Note 1) as
No Smoking Areas 

Indoor and Outdoor Areas as No Smoking Areas

No Smoking Areas 

  • restaurants
  • workplaces, offices (Note 2)
  • indoor public areas (e.g. lift lobbies of private buildings, back stairs)
  • footbridges
  • shops, departmental stores, shopping malls, publicly or privately operated markets, supermarkets
  • bank
  • residential care homes, treatment centres
  • all bars, nightclubs, mahjong-tin kau premises, bathhouses and massage establishments.

Note 1The definition of “Indoor Areas” is:

  • having a ceiling or roof, or a cover that functions (whether temporarily or permanently) as a ceiling or roof, and
  • enclosed (whether temporarily or permanently) at least up to 50% of the total area on all sides, except for any window or door, or any closeable opening that functions as a window or door

Note 2Including non-office hours

Note 3 Please click here for LCSD venues where smoking is prohibited

Note 4 Even there is no passenger on the vehicle, public light bus & taxi drivers cannot smoke inside the vehicle.

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Last update: 21 Dec 2023
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