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When applying to the Transport Department for the International Driving Permit (IDP), please check your Hong Kong full driving licence for the class(es) of vehicles that you are permitted to drive.  You can then choose the corresponding class(es) of vehicles in Part B “Details of Application” in the application form of IDP TD 51/ during online application. The reference table for the corresponding class(es) of vehicles of Hong Kong full driving licence and IDP is as follows:


Class of Vehicle Permitted to Drive under Hong Kong Full Driving LicenceClass of Vehicle for Application

3. Motor Cycle; or

22. Motor Tricycle

A. Motor Cycle

1. Private Car; or

2. Light Goods Vehicle

B. Private Car

18. Medium Goods Vehicle; or

19. Heavy Goods Vehicle 

C. Medium/Heavy Goods Vehicle

4. Private Light Bus

5. Public Light Bus

9. Private Bus

10. Public Bus

D. Private/Public Bus

20. Articulated Vehicle

E. Articulated Vehicle


Points to note: IDP is issued by the Transport Department in accordance with the 1949 Convention.  While the permit should be valid for driving in the territory of all the contracting countries/places (please click here), there may be differences or changes in the policy or conditions of using an IDP to drive in contracting countries/places concerned.  Applicants are suggested to make enquiries to the Consulates or resident offices of the countries/places concerned for details before making application for an IDP or before driving in the countries/places concerned.

Please see below the relevant page in English on vehicles for which the IDP is valid.

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Last update: 17 May 2024
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