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Who is responsible for the medicial expenese incurred by a foreign domestic helper?

Labour Department

In accordance with the standard employment contract, when a foreign domestic helper is ill or injured, the employer shall provide free medical treatment to him/her whether or not it is attributable to his/her employment. Free medical treatment includes medical consultation, maintenance in hospital and emergency dental treatment. In this connection, employers are encouraged to consider taking out suitable medical insurance policy for their helpers to cover the said liabilities. However, employers are not responsible for providing free medical treatment during the period when the helper leaves Hong Kong for his/her own volition and for his/her personal purposes, e.g. on home leave.

A helper shall accept medical treatment by any registered medical practitioner as provided by the employer. It is advisable for the employer to reach prior agreement with the helper as to which medical practitioner should be consulted in times of illness or injury.

The is not a legal document. The Ordinance remains the sole authority for the provisions of the law explained.

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Last update: 4 Sep 2019
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