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Will the Companies Registry send reminders to companies for filing of Annual Returns?

Companies Registry

It is the responsibility of the director(s) and secretary of a company to observe the requirements of the Companies Ordinance and make appropriate arrangements to file annual returns and other statutory documents within the prescribed time periods.  

Annual Return e-Reminder Service is available at the e-Registry for local private companies having a share capital.  Local private companies having a share capital which have registered Company User accounts with the e-Registry will automatically receive electronic notifications for filing annual returns on their anniversary dates of incorporation. The electronic notifications will be sent by the system to the message boxes and registered email addresses of Company Users.  Registered Individual Users of the e-Registry who have established account association with Company User accounts may also subscribe to the e-Reminder service free of charge to receive electronic notifications for filing annual returns of the companies.  Users can access the e-Registry through a hyperlink provided in the notifications for electronic submission of Annual Returns.

The relevant step-by-step demonstrations and a section on “Frequently Asked Questions” are available at the e-Registry website.

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Last update: 11 Mar 2014
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