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How to apply for alteration or addition work in existing buildings (including installation of glass panels, advertisement signboards and TV display on external walls)?

Buildings Department

Application procedures

  1. Property owner cannot apply for alteration and addition work from the Buildings Department (BD) on his own.  He is required to appoint an authorized person (AP) and also if so required, a registered structural  engineer (RSE) to follow up the application for approval from BD. For the list of related professionals, please click here. Property owner and the appointed AP should  inform BD and complete Notice of appointment of authorized person and/or registered structural engineer and/or registered geotechnical engineer (BA4).
  2. AP and RSE should prepare and submit plans of the proposed works for the approval of BD.  The processing time for the first submission is:
  • BD will approve or disapprove the first submission within 60 calendar days,  AP can ask BD whether a submission is fundamentally acceptable after 45  days of the submission date.
  • Submission will be processed within 30 days if the following conditions are fulfilled:
    • The works is a simple alteration or addition work which does not affect the structure of the parent building;
    • AP/RSE confirms that the works meets the requirements of the Buildings Ordinance; and
    • Referral to other government departments (except Fire Services Department) is not necessary.
  1. If the plan is not approved, AP can re-submit the plan to BD after the problem is rectified.  Normally BD will inform AP whether the plan is approved within 30 days. 
  2. If the plan is approved, AP can apply for consent to commence building works, BD will issue consent or refuse to give consent to commence building works within 28 days.
  3. Upon completion of works, AP will submit a certificate of completion of building works to BD.  
  4. BD will conduct checking and will issue confirmation letter if BD is satisfied with the works.

Application fee

BD will charge fees per plan at the time of plan submission as plan viewing charges.  Please refer to “Payment of Fees on Submission of Plans” in “Schedule of Fees and Charges” in BD’s website.


BD has published guidelines on the following works for reference:

  • Guidelines on the installation of advertisement signboards, please click here (PDF).
  • Guidelines on the installation of large glass panels, please click here (PDF).
  • Guidelines on the installation of glass panels external walls, large signboards and TV displays, please click here (PDF).
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Last update: 3 Mar 2021
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