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I received a “Requisition for Particulars of Tenements” (Form R1A) from the Rating and Valuation Department . Why do I need to complete this?

Rating and Valuation Department

For rating and valuation purposes, “Requisition for Particulars of Tenements” (Form R1A) are issued by the RVD from time to time to obtain up-to-date information relating to tenements, for example to assist in the determination of rateable values for the next general revaluation, when a lease has recently expired, or when a rent has been reviewed.

Not all rates and/or government rent payers will receive the forms. However, payers who receive the forms should complete them honestly and return them to RVD within 21 days from the date of issue. Please click here for channels of submission.

Anyone who knowingly makes a false statement or refuses to furnish particulars requested in the R1A could face a maximum fine of $25,000 or $10,000 respectively and, in addition, a fine equivalent to three times their rates and/or Government rent undercharged. The department has successfully taken prosecution action against offenders who have subsequently been fined through court proceedings. As such, payers are advised to complete the form honestly and submit it to RVD before the deadline.

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Last update: 27 Sep 2019
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