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I received an order/a warning notice from the Buildings Department. Is it necessary for me to employ authorized persons to conduct the clearance work?

Buildings Department

In case the work is involving the demolition of a building or of any substantial or significant part of a building, the Buildings Department (BD) will specify in the relevant removal order that according to the regulations of the Buildings Ordinance, the appointment of Authorised Person (AP), Registered Specialist Contractor (RSC), and Registered Structural Engineer (RSE) is required to carry out the work and to advise and ensure that necessary safety measures are provided.  If the removal order does not specify that the appointment of the above persons is required to carry out the work, BD will advise the owner for safety reasons to appoint Registered Contractor (RC) to carry out the work, and an AP or RSE to ensure the necessary safety measures are provided.   For details, please click here to view the frequently asked question 7 of Statutory Orders.

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Last update: 2 Sep 2019
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