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What kind of information is provided in land register? Can the public obtain relevant news information from the land register?

The Land Registry

Land records are maintained by the Land Registry primarily for the purpose of facilitating property transactions. The Land Registry maintains a computerized land register for each property. This allows the public to ascertain who is the registered owner of the property in question and what incumbrances are registered.

Land registers contain information on title of property / land lot and relevant land documents. It does not contain any news information related to the property.

A computerized land register comprises 4 sections as described below:

  1. Property Particulars
    Lot Number and Address of the Property / Share of the lot / Lease Term / Annual Government Rent Payable
  2. Owner Particulars
    Names of Current Registered Owner(s) / Manner of Holding (in case that the property is not under sole ownership) / Date on which the Owner(s) Acquired the Property / Consideration (Transaction Price)
  3. Incumbrances
    Such as Court Order (e.g. Charging Order) / Mortgage / Occupation Permit / Deed of Mutual Covenant  / Agreements for Sale & Purchase / Sub-sale Agreement / Nomination
  4. Deeds Pending Registration
    This section provides information on documents already lodged with the Land Registry against the property but, for one reason or another, registration of the same has not yet been completed.

The Land Register also contains land documents which have been registered against the property. Please follow the steps below to obtain detailed information from the land register.

  1. Order land register of the property
  2. Check whether the document you need is registered in the land register
  3. If the document you need is registered, please jot down the "Memorial No." of the land document.
  4. Order a copy of the relevant land document by providing the memorial no. to the Land Registry.

If you confirm that the document you need has been registered, you may proceed to next step to order a copy of the land document. Please click here for the procedures.

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Last update: 25 Mar 2024
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