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What kinds of building works are subject to the control under the Minor Works Control System?

Buildings Department

The Minor Works Control System (MWCS) has been fully implemented on 31 December 2010.  Under the new system, the carrying out of the 187 minor building works in private buildings* under Schedule 1 of the Building (Minor Works) Regulation can be commenced through the Simplified Requirements without the need to obtain prior approval of plans and consent in writing for the commencement of the works from the Buildings Department (BD). However, Prescribed Building Professionals (PBP)/Prescribed Registered Contractors (PRC) must be appointed to carry out the minor works. BD keeps separate registers of the professionals and the registers have been uploaded to the BD’s website for reference.   

Minor works are classified into three classes according to their nature, scale and complexity and the risk to safety they posed. Procedures for carrying out the three classes of Minor Works are different. Please click for the details of Types of Minor Works and Procedures for carrying out the Minor Works under simplified requirements.

For works of which their complexity and risk to safety are relatively low, if the works are exempted works under the Buildings Ordinance, the works can be commenced without BD's prior approval and consent.  It is also not necessary to appoint authorized persons and registered contractors to carry out such works. Such exempted works include common household renovation works, such as plastering, laying tiles, repair or replacement of sanitary fitments; as well as the "30 items of 'Designated Exempted Works" introduced under the Minor Works Control System.

*includes flats sold through the Private Sector Participation Scheme and flats sole by the Housing Society but New Territories exempted houses are excluded

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