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Which types of vehicle are required to be examined for the purpose of vehicle licence renewal?

Transport Department

Vehicle Types Needed to be Examined

If your vehicle does not fall into the following types, the vehicle is subject to examination before the vehicle licence can be renewed:

  1. Motorcycles;
  2. Motor tricycles;
  3. Private cars (including electrically powered) manufactured in 2018 or after (applicable to renewed vehicle licence which has been effective on 1 January 2024 or after); or
  4. Forklift truck (i.e. Vehicle class specified as "special purpose vehicle" and body type as "forklift truck” in the Vehicle Registration Document).

Vehicle Examination Centres and Vehicle Examination Appointment

Depending on the vehicle type, the vehicle should be examined at the different centres:

  1. Private cars and light goods vehicles not over 1.9 tonnes are examined at Designated Car & Light Goods Vehicle Testing Centres
  2. Other types of vehicles are examined at Government Vehicle Examination Centres

Vehicle Examination Fee

Please check the following tables:


Certificate of Roadworthiness/Certificate of Fitness

If the vehicle concerned passes the examination:

  1. a Certificate of Roadworthiness; or
  2. a Certificate of Fitness,

will be issued to the registered vehicle owner. The certificate will be valid for 4 months. The registered vehicle owner shall apply for renewal of the vehicle licence before the certificate expires, and the certificate should still be valid on the effective date of the renewed vehicle licence. Otherwise, the vehicle must be examined again to obtain a new certificate.

[Example] A Certificate of Roadworthiness issued on 1 January can only be used for renewing a licence to be effective not later than 30 April. When renewing a licence which is to become effective from 1 May onwards, the certificate cannot be used as it is invalid. The vehicle has to be examined again for a new certificate.

Proceed to the renewal procedure, please click here.

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Last update: 20 May 2024
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