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Why do I receive the statutory notice for Mandatory Building Inspection? What should I do and when do I need to complete the requirements?

Buildings Department

Buildings aged 30 years or above (except domestic buildings not exceeding 3 storeys) are subject to the Mandatory Building Inspection Scheme (MBIS). Each year, the Buildings Department (BD) selects target buildings and sends statutory notices for mandatory building inspection to the owners by registered mail. Upon receipt of the statutory notice, building owners are required to, within a specified time, appoint a Registered Inspector (RI) to inspect the common parts, external walls and projections or signboards of the buildings, and submit the inspection report, the completion report and the specified form after the inspection and repair.

Items to be completed within the time limitTime limit in general (from the date of the statutory notice)

Common parts

Individual premises


Buildings with Owners' CorporationBuildings without Owners' Corporation
Appointment of an RIWithin 3 monthsWithin 6 monthsWithin 3 months
Prescribed inspectionWithin 6 monthsWithin 9 monthsWithin 6 months
Prescribed repair (if necessary)Within 12 monthsWithin 15 monthsWithin 12 months

You can search on BD’s website for the MBIS notices and compliance status of buildings and individual premises.

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Last update: 7 Apr 2021
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