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A vehicle owner may apply to the Transport Department to retain the vehicle registration mark of his / her vehicle, for assigning to another vehicle registered in his / her name in the future.

Application Procedures


Application for Transfer or Retain a Vehicle Registration Mark - TD 129 


Supporting Documents

Please submit the following documents with the application –

  1. Document of identity (Original is required for submission in person, while copy is required for submission by agent or by post);
    1. HK Identity Card or Passport; or
    2. Certificate of Incorporation if the owner is a limited company. Business Registration Certificate will not be accepted.
  2. The original Vehicle Registration Document; 
  3. The original or copy of address proof;  
  4. The original Vehicle Licence (if the licence is still valid);
  5. The original of the following documents as appropriate -
    1. If the vehicle will continue to be used, the Transport Department will re-register it under a new randomly assigned registration mark. If the owner would like to use a particular registration mark on the vehicle, please provide documentation to prove the ownership of that particular registration mark -
      1. the certificate of retention of registration mark if a retained mark is to be used
      2. the receipt for payment of the auction price of the registration mark and memorandum of sale if an auctioned mark is to be used by a successful bidder
      3. the notification letter of allocation if an auctioned mark acquired at special fee (opening price) is to be used
    2.  if the vehicle is scrapped, the scrap certificate; or
    3.  if the vehicle is exported out of Hong Kong, the shipping document; and
  6. For Private/Public Bus, Private/Public Light Bus, Taxi or Private Car with hire car permit, approval by the Public Vehicles Section of the Transport Department at the Hong Kong Licensing Office must be obtained in advance. Please call 2804 2600 for details (this hotline is handled by 1823).


Means of Submission
  1. In person to the Hong Kong Licensing Office or Kowloon Licensing Office. An appointment booking service is available on phone (Tel: 3763 8080) and the Internet. The appointment can be made 10 weeks in advance. After making the appoinment successfully, the applicants shall visit the Hong Kong Licensing Office or Kowloon Licensing Office at the scheduled time. If handled by an agent, the agent should bring his / her identity document in original for record purposes;
  2. By post to the Hong Kong Licensing Office or Kowloon Licensing Office. Use of registered mail is encouraged to avoid loss of documents; or
  3. By drop-in box at Hong Kong Licensing Office or Kowloon Licensing Office.

Point to note: Since the vehicle registration document and licence have to be submitted, the vehicle cannot be used on the road during this time.


  • The fee for retaining each vehicle registration mark is $560.
  • If the vehicle will continue to be used, and the owner would like the Transport Department to assign an auctioned mark to the vehicle, an additional fee of $100 is required.


Payment Method
  1. For applications submitted in person to the Licensing Office, the Transport Department only accepts the following payment methods:
  • Cash;
  • FPS;
  • EPS;or
  • Crossed cheque payable to “The Government of the HKSAR”.
  1. For application by post, the payment of fee should be settled by crossed cheque.
Processing Time
  • For applications submitted in person, the certificate of retention of registration mark will be issued on the same day
  • For applications by post, the certificate of retention of registration mark will be sent to the applicant by registered mail in 10 working days from the date of receipt of the application

A certificate of retention of registration mark is valid for 12 months from the date of approval. Renewal is not accepted. The retained vehicle registration mark must be assigned to another vehicle in the name of the same owner within 12 months. For application procedures to assign a retained mark to a vehicle, please click here.

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Last update: 8 Jul 2021
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